About Me

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My Approach

Steady and intentional leveraging of multiple learning methods to remain abreast of current and future technology trends.

This includes the following

  1. Podcasts (audio and video)
  2. Books
  3. Online training
  4. Vendor websites and trusted blog sites
  5. Training and technology conferences

My intent is to gather and provide timely and accurate perspective about the current and future information technology landscape.

Sharing this information across the team helps deliver a more robust and reliable service.

About me

Constant curiosity and inquiry to better understand this rich life and world we live in. How do things work? Where do things come from? How to taunt a bass or snakehead to strike?


Some people perceive questions to be a challenge to their ego instead of an attempt to understand the how and why.



Supervisory IT specialist with specific practice in implementing, managing and troubleshooting application systems, networking infrastructure, firewalls, VPN, AAA, WIFI, packet capture and protocol analysis.

Program office practice includes budget development and forecasting, acquisition planning and execution, contract administration and documentation development.

Personal interests include building security and monitoring solutions, Raspberry Pi, wireless rf spectrum and network analysis.

A particular set of skills to pursue and upon occasion, land a fish or two. Practical tools include ultra light through heavy spinning and a small quiver of fly rods. I enjoy building rigs and tying flies. I greatly enjoy the journey and angling for their bite.

Additional interests include landscape and gardening, running, sailing and building stuff.