So I had 12 yards of double shredded hardwood mulch delivered from RSSY, the local stone and landscape vendor. The load covered most of the driveway from left edge to right and about a car length or two … so it was a significant pile.

With a 17 cubic foot John Deere trailer, I figured about 24 loads to distribute the material. My real concern left me quiestioning, how much more would I need to finish the job?

Hell’s Half Acre is only a half acre, but there are many trees and gardens to make the work interesting.

I made significant progress in the first week, but while the second week started OK, temps lifted to about 90 with significant humidity. Working in the shade was bearable, but working in the sun was just not that much fun.

I rolled out 3 trailers full today. This is in addition to the 18 rolled out previously should leave only a yard or two, but it looks like 4 yards remain. So was this a generous load or does my 17 cubic foot trailer not really hold a half yard of mulch?

Sourdough’s return

I had a couple jars of sourdough starter staged, but aged in the refrigerator and was determined to get it back on track. After several days of feeding and cutting, I am back in business.

I used today’s discard material to make a small batch of oregano and sea salt crackers. They turned out surprisingly well!

I want to use tomorrow’s discard to make a sourdough pizza crust…of course along with the rest of the pizza, I’m thinking pepperoni. And possibly mushroom.

Splunk Training


E-Rock down at the plant pointed me to the Splunk Certified User 6.x online training.

I completed the course this week and I have to report that Splunk is a very powerful tool!

I am impressed with its capability and ability to delivered very detailed and also very functional graphical representation of collected and mined data.